This is me, and my amazing kids. They quite simply inspire me.  And this is the photo from four years ago that kick-started my dream that led to the life I love today.

After a long career in international retailing, I had the unbelievably lucky chance to reinvent myself as I hit the magical 50 (although it didn't really feel like that at the time - let's be honest here!).  Certain chapters in my life were closed, or more accurately, doors which I thought were leading to a secure and cosy future, were ceremoniously slammed shut in my face.  I did all the emotions, divorced the problem, and then walked head high into the second half of my life. With renewed energy, enthusiasm, and the burning desire to do something I loved instead of something that paid the bills but didn't sooth the soul. 

And these are the guys that gave me the courage and strength to get up, and get out there. To make something happen, using the skills that I had, in a new and exciting way.

Visual and Verbal - that's me.

I've always been behind the camera, recording moments of family and friends lives as they unfolded right before my eyes.  Capturing unique moments and creating a visual mood that evokes emotion and memories. I have a trunk full of visual history sitting in the basement ready to unleash on an unsuspecting world of family and friends! I've spent my life being visual, it's second nature to me. 

I'm verbal too, I love to create narrative, talk it through and then write it all out.  It's a great way of releasing the pressure, accepting life, and learning to stay in the moment. Writing is definitely my second love, and I journal, blog and bore the hell out of my friends who have to read it all on social media!

So what do I do?

I focus on creating the images that best represent your time with family and friends in Brussels, Belgium or in Cornwall, UK.  As these are the places I call home. I am a beach babe by nature, and spend my summer months near Penzance overlooking St Micheals Mount and the Bay. Hanging out at the beach or on the coast, between St Ives and Marazion, while my kids surf, swim, sail, and scuba dive. The rest of the year I am living the city life in Brussels.  In both locations I like to photo shoot outdoors, using green spaces or architectural backdrops in Brussels, and the stunning beaches and cliffs in Cornwall.

I also offer portrait and profile photography. To help create a strong online image for social media, your website or your cv. I know believe me, from my corporate life that visual decisions are made in milliseconds, and that an image used to represent yourself really has to tell the right story and above all be genuine.

I record events, capturing the fun and spontaneity of it all. From Fundraisers to Proms, from Sports to School Events.


So here I am. Living my dream. Can I help you to visually capture yours?

I'm Liz, and I'm a Photographer..…….