The stories behind my photographic life in Brussels, at the beach and beyond.

Preparing for your photoshoot

A well prepared photo shoot saves time, money and tears (if you have young children!) .....

Things to think about;

* Your clothes.   You will want to feel comfortable, but look good. What are your favourite colours? How can you combine your look? How do you colour co-ordinate as a whole family. This should always be your first consideration. I always advise to limit yourself with 3 to 4 colours maximum and work with a colour palette that compliments rather than clashes. Use a few neutral colours as a base, if you want to add a pop of colour (reds or strong blues work well here) or stay neutral and play with blues, beiges, greys and white. Denim is always a great base for a casual shoot.  Be careful adding prints, too many and visuals will get too confusing. One or two in the same colour palette can look great in a group shot however.


Check out my Pinterest board for more what to wear visual ideas!


* Choose a location that you know, you like or that inspires you. It all helps to create the memory of life in Brussels. Think about your backdrops, or let me lead you on the day. Do you like nature, graffiti, urban, simple? This can help you to make the decision where to shoot.

For location ideas in and around Brussels, check out my latest blog post here


* Watch the weather. Bring warm or cool enough clothes, and an umbrella if its looking unpredictable (after all this is Brussels!)



* If you are a family with young children, think about things that will keep them occupied. Having a ball, skateboard, bubbles etc all adds to the atmosphere on a shoot as well as keeping kids happy and occupied. If the weather is good bring a blanket and turn it into a picnic. Oh and don't forget to bring snacks and drinks!



* Arrive on time, well actually plan to arrive a little early. You never know how the traffic in Brussels will be, or the squeeze to find a parking space. You want relaxed and calm looking photos, not frazzled and drawn.


And then we'll just have fun, creating some awesome memories!



My favourite photo shoot locations in and around Brussels.

I have to admit that Brussels is full of fabulous outdoor spaces, but I also love exploring a little further afield.

My 'go to' location is of course the Abbaye de la Cambre. Its central (just off Ave Louise), sheltered which is vital to avoid bad hair day moments, and full of green space, interesting architecture, and a splash of graffiti for an urban feel. I shoot here through all the seasons for those very reasons......

I love the challenge of the Grand Place too, but it is best avoided during the tourist summer months, and you need to be a 'bright and shine up early kind of guy' to benefit from this one. But its a wonderful place if you want strong visual memories of the heart of Brussels.....

Rue Haute and Rue Blaes also give a flea market feel to your photographs and introduce a cheeky touch to unique photography opportunities.....

Chateau de La Hulpe, is just amazing. it provides wide sweeping dramatic chateau backdrops, gorgeous green spaces, forest areas, waterfront locations, and hidden gems such as the industrial style workshops and the Folon statue backdrops.....

And my latest 'love it' location is the Abbaye de Villers, crumbling medieval ruins that create such a desolute atmosphere, its perfect if you can find the out of season sunny day to create magic there..........

Some Spring floral specials also include Floralia at Groot Bijgaarden, Hallebos and the Royal Greenhouses. Beautiful colour, atmosphere and style guaranteed!




Fries, Waffles and Beer mixed with 'Go Raiders' cheers!

I was excited to have the opportunity to take the official photo's at our schools 65th Homecoming celebration in the Fall. After processing over 300 photos of the 2 day event, I couldn't look at another red 'Raiders' photo, so I have to admit this post is well overdue!

From the excitement of the American Football Friday night game, to the over indulgence at the Belgian Food Trucks, we mixed waffles, fries and beer, with Go Raiders cheers! On Saturday I met amazing Alumni and listened to incredible memories of life over the past generations at ISB. The atmosphere was fantastic and I loved taking candid shots in the crowds. Today I've been updating my website and here are a few of my favourites.

Enjoy what makes this school so special.......

ISB - 65th Homecoming Event - 2016

Holiday gift giving - Winter 2016

This month is the perfect time to plan a family photo shoot giving you the opportunity to create personal Holiday cards, photo gifts or 2017 calendars for your family and friends. During November and early December, I am organising 30 minute mini shoots in various locations, for only 150 euros (which includes 10 digitally processed photo files). Just send me an email via my contact page and let's get creating........