The stories behind my photographic life in Brussels, at the beach and beyond.

Location, location, location


Yes..... it is almost all about location location location (as they say in real estate!)

A good photo shoot is made great by selecting a location where everything can come together to create that perfect shot. Photographers spend a fair amount of their time honing their skills to find that sweet spot, and on top have to be flexible to work with the clients' wishes in an environment that the client feels at home in. A relaxed client after all is a happy client.  That's why I'm always on the look out for new locations and regularly pass by the old favourites to check out the latest vibes (with my 'phone a friend' in tow on our weekends off, to test my latest ideas!). My location list needs to be long and varied!

The Marolles in Brussels is a retro favourite of mine, from the days when I had time, money (and a house to renovate!) to spend long Sunday mornings in the flea market, and to relax afterwards with a cold beer on the surrounding terraces.  Rue Blaes and Rue Haute are still buzzing early on the weekend mornings, but also have a lively feel and happening atmosphere after the market traders have packed up shop and the city has tidied up the square.  Jules and I started our wander around 3pm, but lighting and atmosphere in summer is probably at its peak around 6.

Just add camera happy and fun people, and then it can all come alive.